The Tuskegee Airmen Story


TUSKEGEE AIRMEN IN THE SKY: An expanded overview of the Tuskegee Airmen Story.

TUSKEGEE AIRMEN DOGFIGHTS:Video re-enactments digitally created by the History Channel of actual WWII Tuskegee Airmen Dogfights (air-to-air combat against German fighter aircraft) featuring interviews with Original Tuskegee Airmen Pilots LTC (Ret) Lee Archer, Dr. Roscoe Brown, and COL (Ret) Charles McGee.

35 minutes of very entertaining video.

TUSKEGEE AIRMEN WWII AERIAL VICTORIES: As recorded by the U. S. Air Force Historical Research Agency and published by the American Aviation Historical Society in 2008.

TUSKEGEE AIRMEN MILESTONES: The U. S. Air Force details the year-by-year milestones of the Tuskegee Airmen from 1941-1949 in honor of these aviation pioneers.

TUSKEGEE AIRMEN Q & A:By Daniel L. Haulman, US Air Force Historical Research Agency

TUSKEGEE AIRMEN NATIONAL HISTORIC SITE: On the original site of Tuskegee Army Air Field and now part of the National Park Service in Tuskegee, AL


TUSKEGEE AIRMEN COMMANDER HONORED: General Benjamin O. Davis, Jr. is awarded his 4th Star by President Bill Clinton in a ceremony at the White House on December 9, 1998. This event includes insightful and astute comments by Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen and Original Tuskegee Airman COL (Ret) William A. Campbell.President Clinton speaks eloquently about General Davis, his family, the Tuskegee Airmen and their collective contributions and importance to America and its history. President Clinton is also made an honorary "Tuskegee Airman" during this ceremony.   38 minutes of entertaining "must see" video.

AFRICAN AMERICANS IN DEFENSE OF OUR NATION: The Department of Defense pays tribute to the heroic contributions of African Americans to the defense of our nation by chronicling their participation in all the conflicts, battles, and wars our nation faced between 1528 and 1985. This of course includes the undeniable accomplishments of the Tuskegee Airmen during WWII.

Interview with LTC (Ret) Howard Lee Baugh:This is a transcription of a recorded interview and some minor transcription errors were made. The original interview took place sometime in the Spring of 2008 when Baugh was 88 years old. The name of the interviewer is not stated. 

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