The Military Aircraft he flew throughout his 25-year career....and after

From a very early age, Howard Baugh was enamored of airplanes, but always from afar. He had never actually been in any type of aircraft or even seen one up close until he entered U.S. Army Air Corps Primary Training as an Aviation Cadet at Moton Field, Alabama in March of 1942. His initial encounter was with the Stearman PT-17 Primary Trainer aircraft which turned out to be a "love at first flight" experience. His love affair with flying lasted the rest of his life.

Long after retiring from the military in 1967, Baugh was given the opportunity to ride in the 2nd seat of a two-seater USAF F-15D Eagle in 1997 (at age 77) and a two-seater USN F/A-18F Hornet with the Blue Angels in 1998 (age 78). In both cases, once airborne the aircraft controls were turned over to Howard for about 20 minutes. In the case of the F-15D, Baugh was able to fly the aircraft out over the Atlantic Ocean and break the "sound barrier" for the first and only time in his life.

The pictorial slideshow below shows and lists the various military aircraft Howard Baugh piloted during the 6,000 pilot hours he registered over his 25-year military career.....and well after.

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